Instruction Services for Faculty

Content and Length

Most sessions are 30-90 minutes depending on the content. Our Instruction a la Carte provides a list of our most popular topics and time requirements. Selections from this menu along with your course assignment will help us effectively tailor the library session to your course curriculum.

Tips for Success

When scheduling a library session, base your choice of date on when the session will be most relevant to your students. Try not to schedule a library session too early or late in the research process.

Discuss the applicable paper or project with your class before attending the library session.

Faculty must attend the library session with their students. Students are more attentive and engaged when the instructor is present. We also encourage faculty to contribute to the discussion and emphasize points they feel are important.

Schedule a Session

Requests for sessions must be made two weeks in advance. To request a library session, send an e-mail to

Circulation Services for Faculty

Loan Policies for Faculty

PSC employees and faculty can borrow up to 10 items at a time from the PSC Library.  PSC employees and faculty do not accrue any fines on the items they check out but they will be billed for all items that reach 70 days overdue.  Please see the PSC Library Services page for more info on our lending policies.

Library Reserves

Who may place items on reserve and how are reserves organized?

With the exception of serials and items not available for checkout, library staff or faculty members may choose to place any materials on reserve.  If a faculty member puts a personal item on reserve, the library must be allowed to place a bar code and spine label on the item.  While a personal item remains the property of the faculty member, a bar code allows the library to properly control the item and assign responsibility for the item when it is checked out to a borrower.  A spine label allows the library to file the item in a logical manner so that the item can be easily retrieved. Reserve items are filed according to the course subject heading. If a personal item is put on reserve and it is lost, stolen or missing, the library will not replace the personal item.  Faculty members may choose to donate their reserve items to the library; all donated items are subject to the library’s donation policy.

How do I place an item or items (excluding serials) on reserve?

Faculty members may submit reserve requests to the library on a Reserve Request and Copyright Compliance Form.  The form is available at the library circulation desk.  Within two weeks of the receipt of the request the library will complete and send to the faculty member a status update on the reserve request.  The status of the request may take on one of the following forms:

  1. The library has fulfilled the reserve request with material in its original format (i.e. book, DVD, etc.) and the material is available for use as a reserve item for one year.
  2. The library is providing access to the requested material via the library’s full text electronic databases.  The library will provide the name of the database in which the material appears.
  3. The library is providing the requested material to the faculty member as a link.  The link will be provided to the faculty member for inclusion on the colleges Learning Management System.
  4. The library is fulfilling the reserve request with a single reproduced copy of the work for one term. The reproduced copy will comply with the provisions of copyright law and is available for checkout as a reserve item.
  5. The library is fulfilling the reserve request with a multiple reproduced copies of the work as allowed by the appropriate owner of the material.  The permission to reproduce multiple copies will be attached to each authorized reproduction of the material. 
  6. The library is unable to fulfill the reserve request because it is not obtainable by this library.
  7. The library cannot provide the requested material as the request does not comply with the provisions of copyright law.

What restrictions or guidelines apply to reserve materials?

  1. Items ordered through ILL (Books, Articles, DVDs, etc.) cannot be placed on reserve.
  2. The library will not track student data relating to reserve items other than that which is available through the Millennium Database.  Student data will not be released to anyone outside of the library.

How do I place a serial title on reserve?

A faculty member or dean may make a request to the Dean of Academic Services to place a serial title on reserve.  Upon receipt of this request, the Dean of Academic Services will present the request to the academic deans.  Once it is determined that moving a serial title to reserves will not adversely impact other disciplines or departments, the Dean of Academic Services will approve the request.  Serial titles will remain on reserve until a request to remove a serial title from reserves is presented.  The same procedure will be followed when removing a title from reserve.  An individual issue or issues of a serial title may not be placed on reserve.