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Printing and Web Printing


Printing costs ten cents ($.10) per page. Print jobs sent from the Library or from the Student Success Center can be printed from the release stations in either location. Documents will remain in the print queue for 12 hours before being automatically deleted.

To Print:

1. Select Print from the File menu. Adjust the page range and number of copies if necessary.
2. Click OK or Print.
3. A pop-up box will appear shortly. Enter a username and password.
You can create any username and password, but use the same set for each session you are here. Make sure to remember what you have entered because you will need it again!
4. When you have sent all the documents you want to print, go to the release station.
5. Enter the username you created when you sent your print jobs and click OK.
6. Check the box next to each item you want to print. You will see the total cost of your print jobs below.
7. Click Print.
8. Enter the password you created when you sent your print jobs and click OK.
9. Pay for your printing by entering cash or coins into the coin machine on your right. The machine accepts coins ($.05, $.10, $.25, $1), singles ($1), and fives ($5).
10. Click Print again.
11. Pick up your documents on the printers to your left. If you sent multiple print jobs, your documents will be sent from both printers.

Web Printing

Web printing allows any computer connected to the Internet to print to the Library and Student Success Center printers. This means you will be able to print from your laptop on-campus or from any Internet-connected computer off-campus.

Send a document using Web Printing

Your print jobs will be available for 12 hours before they are automatically deleted. You can retrieve your documents from the release stations in the Library or Student Success Center.

Web printing can always be accessed from the "Library Links" box at the top of the left column on any PSC Library web page.