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President Obama’s Reading Lists

As we come closer to the end of President Obama’s term, I thought it would interesting to take a look through his reading lists over the years. Find out which books are available to you through the Library!

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American Government reference database

Check out the often-overlooked Library resource, American Government. It contains a lot of great information about our Government including primary sources that span back to the country's origins.

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Looking for something to read?

Librarians recommend great books to read! Check out how you can keep up-to-date with all of the books that we suggest for you!

New @ the Prairie State College Library!

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Use the cloudLibrary™ App to browse and check out the library's collection of popular fiction and non-fiction ebooks. You can then read any of these titles on your computer or supported mobile device. For more information on using cloudLibrary™ App, check out this instruction guide.