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Library Reserves

What are Library Reserves?

Items placed in the Library Reserves collection directly support specific courses or programs at PSC and aren't allowed to be borrowed by other patrons. Some of the most common items are textbooks, but DVDs, study guides, supplemental readings, or even equipment and models can be placed on reserve. Items like textbooks usually have a two-hour checkout time and aren't allowed to be taken out of the library in order to let more students have a chance to access the materials. Contact a librarian to discuss options.

How are items placed on reserve?

Faculty members should bring the items they would like to place on reserve to the library along with a Library Reserve Form for each one. Multiple copies of the same item may use one form.

How long may items be placed on reserve?

Items are placed on reserve for a period of one academic year. Confirmation is required each academic year to maintain an item's place in the reserve collection, otherwise they will automatically be removed. Faculty are encouraged to bring the latest edition each year.

Are books placed on reserve donated to the library?

No, the library will return items after they have been removed from the reserves. Do note that items will have barcodes and other labels affixed to them when they are placed on reserve. Additionally, items removed or not returned by students will not be replaced by the library.

What happens to items after they have been removed from the reserves?

After an item has been removed from the reserves, either by request or following non-renewal of its reserve status, the library will wait one year from its first attempt to contact the owner and arrange for pickup before assuming the item has been donated to the library and subject to its regular collection policies.

What about placing articles or book chapters on reserve?

Please contact a librarian. Generally, the most convenient option for students is access through an ebook or ejournal subscription, but this is not always possible for all titles.